About Us


Our company was formed from a simple need to combine mommy's ( and baby's) accessories with functionality. After our babies were born, our so loved jewelry was put away for indefinite time. Because each time we would put a necklace or bracelet on, it would end up in my baby's mouth. We understood that our little munchkins were attracted to jewelry and they would spend endless time playing with it. After researching some options, we realized that there are a lot of oral sensory stimulation but none of them were stylish or unique. So, being an artist who was always into fashion, me with the help of my sister started creating a line of chewable jewelry. Our chewable necklaces, bracelets, and teethers are from completely safe FDA approved material and made according to highest safety standards and regulations. It is our priority to keep our little ones safe.

All jewelry pieces are uniquely designed, extremely durable, and help soothe your baby's sore gums. It also promotes unlimited engagement and entertainment for baby wearers and please the aesthetically. They are also very modern and versatile, can be worn to dress up or dress down. Effortlessly chic is our goal, because who has time to think about fashion when you are a first time mom.